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Today's Specials

Today's Specials are top selling items only. In August 2021 we began a new cycle through our inventory. Items on sale include only those that have sold well in the last year or more, so you will find many of your favorites. Lately, they are on special for a week or more, with 3 new ones rotating in anywhere in the list. Since the September Oregon Wildfire and displacement of people, loss of many homes and businesses, and ensuing chaos and confusion in our little town of Phoenix Oregon, we are still getting back to updating this page almost as often as before the fire. This is a great page to bookmark!

Today's Specials, More..

Cinnamon Apple Incense Cones, Hem Cinnamon Apple Incense Cones, Hem
Retail: $1.03 Price: $0.93

Coco Cinnamon Incense Cones, Hem Coco Cinnamon Incense Cones, Hem
Retail: $1.03 Price: $0.93

Copal Incense Cones, Hem Copal Incense Cones, Hem
Retail: $1.06 Price: $0.95

Darshan Sandal Mysore Incense Darshan Sandal Mysore Incense
Retail: $1.19 Price: $1.07

Dragons Blood Incense Cones, Kamini Dragons Blood Incense Cones, Kamini
Retail: $0.99 Price: $0.89

Earth Incense, Healing Blend Earth Incense, Healing Blend
Retail: $5.80 Price: $5.22

Hem Call Client Incense Hem Call Client Incense
Retail: $1.20 Price: $1.08

Hem Camphor Incense Hem Camphor Incense
Retail: $1.20 Price: $1.08

Hem Chandan, Madhur Incense Hem Chandan, Madhur Incense
Retail: $1.20 Price: $1.08

Hem Cherry Jasmine Incense Hem Cherry Jasmine Incense
Retail: $1.20 Price: $1.08

Hem Cinnamon Patchouli Incense Hem Cinnamon Patchouli Incense
Retail: $1.20 Price: $1.08

Hem Cleaning Powers Incense Hem Cleaning Powers Incense
Retail: $1.20 Price: $1.08

Hem Coco Cinnamon Attracts Money and Security Incense Hem Coco Cinnamon Attracts Money and Security Incense
Retail: $1.20 Price: $1.08

Hem Coconut Mango Incense Hem Coconut Mango Incense
Retail: $1.10 Price: $0.99

Hem Come To Me Incense Hem Come To Me Incense
Retail: $1.20 Price: $1.08

Hem Corazon De Jesus, Attract Money Incense Hem Corazon De Jesus, Attract Money Incense
Retail: $1.20 Price: $1.08

Hem Cranberry Incense Hem Cranberry Incense
Retail: $1.20 Price: $1.08

Hem Durga, Maa Incense Hem Durga, Maa Incense
Retail: $1.20 Price: $1.08

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Today's Specials at Incense on the Way
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