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Terms and Shipping

    • We ship to the United States ONLY      
    • We are dedicated to your positive shopping experience
    • We take great care in the preparation of your package
    • Orders in by Noon Pacific are shipped next business day
    • We provide automated ordering for VISA, MC, & PayPal so we can't add to or alter your order contents.
    • Our online ordering system is secure, encryption in place
    • We welcome a question or two about our products
    • If you buy Indian incense sticks, you get free samples - both quantity and choice of sticks is of our choosing
    • Minimum product order is $25
    • No taxes are added to your order, we ship from Oregon
    • Shipping charges are based on weight & zip codes        
    • We ship in sturdy boxes
    • Tracking number from our website &
    • You choose Parcel Post or Priority Mail unless heavy, & then you are charged only $7.70 for Parcel Post. Currently all shipments require signature confirmation except for those going to PO Boxes. But anytime you want the confirmation left off, just ask us to leave it off in the checkout Comment Box. We stopped requiring this for PO Boxes after it caused a most unfriendly encounter with a bullying customer.
    • All images are for exclusive use of Incense On the Way

Weight of package and distance from our zip code to yours are the crucial factors when it comes to shipping charges.

We use the US Postal Service. We pass the weight of each of your items + our calculated guess as to the additional weight of the outer packaging and packing material, etc. to the USPS when you hit enter on that first checkout page that has your zip code on it. Then you go to the next page where USPS has retrieved your shipping choices costs from its own tables.

Many packages, but not all, get a free upgrade to Priority when you choose the cheaper Parcel Post option. USPS gives us discounts & incentives to use priority mail (none ever for Parcel Post) which make this possible. Although you may not request it, sometimes we ship the same day you order.

We have chosen to not jack up our product prices to pay for your shipping.  We give very good prices for incense - which is the business we are in, not the shipping business. The customer then pays for their own shipping.  But - as mentioned above in green - we DO provide for Parcel Post reduced shipping when the calculated weight of the package is heavy enough to trigger this option.

Anyone ordering and behaving like a bully will have their order canceled and will not be allowed to order from our website in the future.

Due to the labor and expense in running our business, it is not possible at the present time to serve an area greater than the United States. We are sorry if this is disappointing.  We also feel that is better to ship product across the world only once.

You will see the gold lock at the top or bottom of your browser window when placing your order.  This shows that our security certificate is in place and that your information is securely encrypted.

If your shipment is refused or otherwise returned to us, we cannot absorb the shipping costs & you must get prior authorization. Hopefully, you would never need to do this, since every item is pictured and described, and you can see what your order will cost before you place it. You can also call and ask questions.

If your shipment is damaged, please contact your delivery carrier for instructions in filing a claim first. Then please let us know. You are always welcome to contact us for checking on the tracking, although we mail you the tracking number after shipping.

In the rare and unlikely event that items are missing, in the wrong amount, or are the wrong item, (We check, double check, and then check your order one more time), please let us know within 3 days of the receipt of your shipment.

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